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What Items need to be checked during the operation of general pump?


 What items are checked during the operation of general pump:

(1) Check the motor: if the current, the outlet air temperature, the bearing temperature, the bearing vibration and operation sound are normal, the grounding wire is good, the water heater safety valve leaks, and if the bolts are firm;

(2) Check the pump body: if the inlet & outlet pressures are normal, the packing does not heat nor leak, the operation sound is normal, the bearing cooling water is unblocked, the drain funnel is not blocked, the bearing oil level is normal, the oil quality is good, the oil ring is normal, there is no oil leakage, and the coupling cover is fixed well;

(3) The pipeline connected with the pump is well insulated, the supports and hangers are firm, and the valve opening position is normal without leakage;

(4) Relevant instruments should be complete, intact & normal indication.