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Electric valve maintenance guide


1、 The three precision electric valve does not work after being energized

Check whether the power wiring is poor → reconnect the wiring and connector

Check whether the power supply voltage is within ± working range - → adjust to normal position range

Whether the coil is desoldered → rewelded

Coil short circuit → replace coil

Whether the working differential pressure is inappropriate → adjust the differential pressure → or replace the matching electric valve

Fluid temperature too high → replace matching electric valve

The main valve core and moving iron core of the electric valve are stuck by impurities → clean. If the seal is damaged, replace the seal and install the filter

The liquid viscosity is too high, the frequency is too high and the service life has reached → replace the product

2、 Electric valve cannot be closed

The seal of the main valve core or iron moving core is damaged → replace the seal

Whether the fluid temperature and viscosity are too high → replace the corresponding electric valve

Impurities enter the valve core or moving iron core of the electric valve → clean it

Spring life expired or deformed → replace

The orifice and balance orifice are blocked → clean them in time

The working frequency is too high or the service life has reached → change the product or update the product

3、 Other situations

Internal leakage → check whether the seal is damaged and whether the spring is poorly assembled

External leakage → loose connection or damaged seal → tighten the screw or replace the seal

There is noise during power on → the fasteners on the head are loose and tightened

The voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range. Adjust the voltage. Clean or replace the iron core timely in case of impurities or uneven suction surface.