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The application industry of inkjet printers is very wide. Most of the products and daily necessities we see in supermarkets use inkjet printers, mainly to realize the automatic identification of some information content, including production date, expiration date, batch number, etc. Regular content and some variable content such as barcodes and QR codes.

Common industries include pipe industry, food and beverage industry, fast-moving consumer goods industry, pharmaceutical industry, health care product industry, wire and cable industry, PCB circuit board industry, mobile phone parts industry, electronic components, etc.These industries all use our inkjet pump.

The core of any printing technology must have a stable ink supply and high-precision Micro Gear Pumpdelivery to ensure stable printing quality. JONSN precision micro gear pumps can provide a series of pump solutions for the paint and ink market. A variety of dye and pigment-based inks and coatings provide pulsation-free pressure and high-precision delivery.

Coding application principle: Under the pressure of the micro gear pump, the ink flows from the ink tank through the ink pipeline, adjusts the pressure, viscosity, and enters the spray gun. As the pressure continues, the ink is ejected from the nozzle. When the ink passes through the nozzle, The piezoelectric crystal breaks into a series of continuous ink droplets with the same spacing and the same size. The jetted ink stream continues to move downward and pass through the charging electrode to be charged. In the charging electrode, the ink droplets are separated from the ink line. A certain voltage is applied to the charging electrode, and when the ink drop is separated from the conductive ink line, it will instantly carry a negative charge that is proportional to the voltage applied to the charging electrode. By changing the voltage frequency of the charging electrode to make it the same as the breaking frequency of the ink droplets, each ink droplet can be charged with a predetermined negative charge. Under the continuous pressure, the ink flow continues to move downward, passes through the middle of the deflection plate which have 2 separate positive and negative voltage, and the charged ink drop will deflect when passing the deflection plate. The degree of deflection depends on the amount of charge. The uncharged ink drop does not deflect and flies down and flows into the recovery tube.  And finally return to the ink tank for recycling through the recovery pipeline. The charged and deflected ink droplets fall on the objects passing in front of the vertical nozzle at a certain speed and angle, and form various characters, patterns and other signs required on the product surface at different positions.

When the pump is running normally, a certain pressure must be guaranteed, and the pressure needs to be stable and pulse-free to be able to pump all types of dyes and solvent-based inks, with precision electronic control; these features make JONSN precision gear metering pumps become the first choice of continuous jet ink printers.

The installation size adopts a compact design. The unique compact size saves installation space. The simple manifold or push-in connection port makes the installation fast and low-cost.

Micro Gear Pump Factory Operational Advantages

The manufacturing tolerances of PEEK gears are in the micron range, and they have lower power consumption, lower temperature rise and longer volumetric efficiency of solvent replenishment intervals. The design of bearings and gears minimizes the contact load and maximizes the contact surface, so the service life of the pump can reach tens of thousands of hours.