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Precision Micro Gear Pump
MRV Gear Pump & 0. 2- 8 L/min

The MRV series is mainly designed for equipment matching and narrow installation space, with flexible pipeline installation. By simplifying the internal structure, the pump body is integrally formed by cast steel, which is strong and durable. The gear shaft is precisely processed with PEEK gear + zirconium oxide ceramic shaft. We can provide you with detailed selection data solutions / floor plans / STEP diagrams.

JONSN precision-class micro-magnetic gear pumps can be used in: trace delivery of liquids, addition, lubrication, spraying, dispensing, sampling, jet marking, pressurization, circulation, coating, spraying, metering and other pumping systems.

It is especially suitable for automation and process control systems, trace delivery systems, high-pressure circulation systems, small-flow high-head systems, automatic feeding (dosing) systems, waste heat recovery systems, sampling equipment (including vacuum suction), chip processing equipment, laboratory equipment, cooling systems (refrigerant circulation pumps), foundry machinery, packaging machinery, cleaning systems, additive filling systems, chemical metering systems, small-scale/pilot-scale devices and other occasions that require small flow, no pulse, high linearity, high pressure difference, no leakage, precise metering, and stable flow of the delivery pump.

When you choose the Jonsen pump, you have already chosen the quality. Jonsen has been in existence for 13 years and has obtained the German Rheinland ISO9001-2015 quality system certification. It insists on doing a good job in the internal quality and has been recognized by the industry, owners, and design institutes. We have a full-element performance test platform for micro-gear pumps. You can come to the factory site for technical exchanges and verification with the application plan. This is the value of choosing us.

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Installation method

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Performance curve


MRV 32-80


MRV 125-220


MRV+Servo motor

MRV  + Servo Motor

MRV+IEC motor

MRV  + IEC Motor

MRV+BLDC motor

MRV  + BLDC Motor