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PT Big Flow

The PT series drum pump & barrel pump is mainly used to transport and contain 200L barrel acid, alkali and organic matter

Solvent, additives, chemicals, oil and other media

For example: methanol, acetone, methane, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, nitrate, phosphate, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, hydrofluor acid, acrylic, dichloromethane, etc.

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  • Flow Range

    a.0-150L/m (0-9m³/h) (dynamoelectric), 0-80L/m (0-7m³/h) (gas-dynamic)
  • Lift Range

    b.0-23m (dynamoelectric), 0-16m (gas-dynamic)
  • Temperature

    c.PP: 71°C; PVDF: 49°C; SS: 150°C
  • Viscosity Range

    0-800cps (dynamoelectric), 0-300cps (gas-dynamic)
  • Density

Model No. Pump TubeMain ShaftO-RingSliding BearingDouble Suction ImpellerCouplerApplication
PTSS304SS/316SS304SS/316SSPTFEPTFEPTEE304SSGeneral Corrosive Medium
PTSS-A304SS/316SS304SS/316SSPTFEPTFEPTEE304SSSanitary Grade Medium & Explosion-Proof Area
PTPHPPImported HastelloyVITONPTFEPTFE304SSModerate Corrosive Medium
PTVHPVDFImported HastelloyVITONPTFEPTFE304SSStrong Corrosive Medium
PTPSPP304SSVITONPTFEPTFE304SSGeneral Corrosive Medium
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Application Range

JONSN PT series high-performance no leakage drum pump is a general drum pump, is mainly applied to deliver various of strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvent, additive, oils and other middle-low viscosity mediums in barrel or container, it has been approved that PT series drum pump can meet many chemical mediums’ application. The materials PP, PVDF, stainless steel are applied to most of low viscosity to moderate viscosity liquid delivery. The high-performance double suction impeller can meet higher lift & flow meanwhile. The pump tubes adopt modular no seal structural design. The PT series drum pumps adopt standard 1” tube connector or G1 external thread connector (can be selected), can easy to connect various standard tubes.

Motor Parameters

Model No. NamePowerVoltageGas ConsumptionRotating SpeedWeight Application Area
TM750Adjustable-speed Motor750W220V
0-10000rpm3.3kgNon-explosion Proof Area
BM800Explosion-proof Motor800W220V
10000rpm5.0kg Explosion-proof Area
AM330American-imported Air Motor330W
35.1 m3/h10000rpm1.5kg Explosion-proof Area
AM640American imported Air Motor640W
56.5 m3/h10000rpm2.0kg Explosion-proof Area

Note:Due to the complicated liquid performance, we suggest checking the material’s corrosion resistance, or consult the sales.
■   American-imported air motor’s actual rotating speed is affected by air pressure, then influence on the final flow & lift.
■   Explosion-proof area need to use American-imported air motor or American-imported explosion-proof motor, and install the static line.
■   The performance will be different when the pump tube matches with different motor, motor selection needs to check the production processing parameters. 

Performance Curve

drum pump Performance Curve

Note(drum pump china):
■   The above parameters are based on the medium testing of 25°C water.
■   The flow lift is affected by liquid viscosity, density & motor rotating speed.


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