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Quality Assurance

Welcome to Jonson Quality Assurance!
The products you buy can be traced back to the production line for quality assurance inquiry.

Concentrating on each precision gear pump is our initial intention of starting Jonsn.

Product inspection:
Jonsn focus on technical development of precision gear pump and we are engaged in precision production. Each birth of Jonsn precision gear pump embodies the beauty of craftsman. The strict requirement of pump and outstanding performance achieved the development of Jonsn.

Product inspection:

  • Each spring, we entrust a third-party appraisal agency to conduct on-site calibration of all instruments and meters, issue test certificates and maintain high-precision test standards.
  • QC department calibrates and verifies the tools, measuring tool and tooling every month;
  • The whole process adopts standard operating procedure, precise assembly and strict test for each pump.

Performance Testing

A. No-pulse accurate delivery pump, provide continuous accurate delivery through the gears, delivery accuracy can reach +/-0.5% with the servo or stepper motor.

B. Strong vacuum suction, high pressure and smooth delivery, can realize the low viscosity liquid delivery in middle & high pressure.

C. No-leakage, magnetic drive and static O-ring can ensure the inside pump medium isolated from the outside.

D. Excellent workmanship & MD, the modular designs optimize the gear shaft, pump body flow channel, and longer service life. We have lean manufacturing idea and adopt advanced processing technology & exquisite workmanship. It is an external gearing pump designed & manufactured for high-end application.

E. Model selection specialization, we have rich operating experience in thousands of micro gear pump, accumulate lots of experiment data, specialize in selection evaluation, and formulate solution to reduce risks for you.