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Flow Control System

This system apply to stepper/servo motor rotating accuracy control, adopt touch screen all Chinese & English visual display, can realize micro gear pumps flow accuracy adjust easily, especially apply to low speed & micro flow working condition, widely apply to pilot-plant scale in laboratory.For example, the fuel pump, coating pump, resin pump and dispensing pump are all metering pumps, this flow control system is very suitable for these pumps.


■   Preset stepper/servo motor rotation, adjust pump flow
■   Long-distance control pump on/off
■   Support RS485 MODBUS communication protocol


■   Above functions are selected to match according to actual demand, functions can be combined, demands should be specified when ordering.
■   The system is without flowmeter and flow testing function, the required flow rate needs to do speed calibration.


■   System integration filter, precision gear pump, servo motor, precision flowmeter, pressure sensor, valve etc. major components.
■   Realize the set flow & actual flow auto-matching and adjusting through the flowmeter signal & gear pump servo motor closed-loop controlling, can check the on-line instantaneous flow rate and pressure fluctuation in time.
■   Users only need to connect the inlet & outlet pipes, set the relevant parameters on the flowmeter, and then start the system, easy operation.
■   Apply to the working condition of unstable system pressure difference but high request on flow. 


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