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TB Small Caliber

TB series specially design for the liquid delivery of small caliber container, modular construction, adopt modified Teflon double lip seal, have excellent seal effect & long life, and can reduce the maintenance cost.

The pipe diameter of 42mm is specially suitable for low viscosity medium, such as solvent, bleaching liquid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and vitriol etc. mediums.

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  • Flow Range

    a.120L/m (dynamoelectric), 80L/m (gas-dynamic)
  • Lift Range

    b.23m (dynamoelectric), 12m (gas-dynamic)
  • Temperature

    66 ℃
  • Viscosity Rang

    0-300 cps
  • Density

  • Pump Pipe Outer Diameter

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Products Description

JONSN TB series drum pump china can use 2 motor driving methods which are dynamoelectric & gas-dynamic, pump pipe is connected with motor through fast port, adopt the modified self-aligning shaft coupling, the installation & disassembly of pump pipe & motor can be completed in seconds. TB series drum pump’s modular design makes disassembly easy when washing & maintaining, can complete without any special tools. You only need to change integrated components when maintaining, can simplify the maintenance as well as ensuring the pump quality.

Motor Parameters

Model No. NamePowerVoltageGas ConsumptionRotating SpeedWeight Application Area
TM750Adjustable-speed Motor750W220V
0-10000rpm3.3kgNon-explosion Proof Area
BM800Explosion-proof Motor800W220V
10000rpm5.0kg Explosion-proof Area
AM330American-imported Air Motor330W
35.1 m3/h10000rpm1.5kg Explosion-proof Area
AM640American imported Air Motor640W
56.5 m3/h10000rpm2.0kg Explosion-proof Area

■   Due to the complicated liquid performance, we suggest checking the material’s corrosion resistance, or consult the sales.
■   Must use stainless steel pump pipe when delivering flammable & explosive liquid or using in the explosion-proof area, and install the cable which has been eliminated static electricity to prevent static sparks generated then cause explosion.


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