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Precision Micro Gear Pump

MR series precision gear pump spare supplies and spare parts service

JONSN is committed to producing every precision gear pump well, and serve every customer with heart and profession.

The pump is a dynamic equipment, and it is inevitable that encountering various extreme operating conditions challenges, damaged wear, and over -quality guarantee periods. In order to ensure your stable production, for key process control pumps, it is recommended to make a solution of one working, one stand by. If there is no enough space or budget. It is recommended to buy a set of spare parts as an emergency standby plan.
Our precision  micro gear pumps adopt a two-stage modular design for quick and easy replacement of wearing parts.
You will enjoy the following services:

●  Reliable original spare parts kit for wearing parts

●  Efficient logistics for global distribution

●  Provide relevant technical support to help you choose suitable spare parts (spare parts consultation)

●  Provide professional selection service (selection consultation)

Customers who purchase JONSN precision micro gear pump spare parts, just need to provide the gear pump code (as shown in the picture), we can check the gear fit gap fo the pump we already sent to customery according to the code, and carry out customized production and processing to ensure consistency.


Factory origin spare parts kit