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Precision Micro Gear Pump
MRA Micro Gear Pump / Micro Flow

MRA Micro Gear Pumps can solve the working situation of  1ml-2000 ml/min flow, 0.5-25bar pressure difference and 0.4-3000m.Pas viscosity (similar to water).The pump can withstand a pressure of 4 MPa.

 JONSN precision micro gear pump can be used for: deionized water, methanol, urea solution, kerosene, lubricating oil, lye, ammonia, cobalt, dialysate, ethylene glycol, freon, ink, glycerin, phenolic resin, Curing agent, flavor and fragrance, fluorinated liquid pumping system.

Especially suitable for automation and process control systems, micro-conveying systems, circulation pressurization systems, automatic feeding (dosing) systems, sampling equipment (including vacuum environment sampling), laboratory equipment, cooling systems (refrigerant circulation pumps), casting machinery, Packaging machinery, cleaning systems, additives filling systems, chemical metering systems, small test/pilot test equipment, etc., require small flow, high pressure difference, no leakage, stable flow, precise metering, and no pulsation transfer pump.

When you choose JONSN pumps, you have already chosen quality. JONSN has been working on internal quality for 12 years. It has been recognized by the industry, owners, and design institutes. Welcome to our factory for visits and exchanges!

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Micro Gear PumpMotor Speed(rpm)
Model No.Connection Size750960145028503300
MRA 5/131/8
MRA 7/130.2930.3740.5661.1121.287

 Pump Theoretical Flow(L/min)
JONSN PRECISION MICRO GEAR PUMP Chinese & English Version Pdf Step

Product Features

The advantages of JONSN precision micro gear pumps are as follows:

■   No pulse accurate delivery – Positive displacement pump provide continuous accurate delivery through the gears, delivery accuracy can reach +/-0.5% with the servo or stepper motor.
■   Strong vacuum suction, high pressure and smooth delivery, can realize the low viscosity liquid delivery in middle & high pressure.
■   No leakage – Magnetic drive and static O-ring can ensure the inside pump medium isolated from the outside.
■   Excellent workmanship and MD – The designs optimize the gear shaft, pump body flow channel, and longer service life. We have lean manufacturing idea and adopt advanced processing technology & exquisite workmanship. It is an external gearing pump designed & manufactured for high-end application.
■   Model selection specialization – micro gear pump factory have rich operating experience in thousands of micro gear pump, accumulate lots of experiment data, specialize in selection evaluation, and formulate solution to reduce risks for you.

Working Principle

micro small flow pump WORKING PRINCIPLE

Pump Material Configuration Code


Performance Curve

micro gear pump PERFORMANCE REF. CURVEdosing PUMP MATERIALS CONFIGURATION CODEdosing pump chinadosing pump sale


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