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The dripping pill machine is a production equipment for natural dripping pill preparations. The principle of the dripping pill machine refers to the heating, stirring and mixing of solid or liquid drugs dissolved in the matrix (polyethylene glycol, gelatin, stearic acid, etc.) Into a suspension, and then delivered to the drip irrigation through a gear pump under high pressure, and dripped into the coolant (liquid paraffin, vegetable oil, methyl silicone oil, water, etc.) in the cooling column through a special dripper, using the surface tension of the liquid and through strictly controlling the coolant temperature, so that the droplets of the medicine can be formed into droplets with extremely high roundness.

JONSN precision micro gear pump has long been used in the supporting equipment of dripping pill machine in the pharmaceutical industry. The gear pump has stable performance, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable operation, and meets the requirements of GMP certification. Due to the use of a series of automatic precision titration technologies such as adjustable decompression gas circuit, vacuum control circuit, automatic control of liquid medicine and cooling temperature, the dropping pill has accurate quantitative, smooth molding, crystal clear and transparent, achieving a good effect of one-time molding.

The new supporting dropping pill machine adopts automatic control mode, which has the characteristics of easy operation, high precision and fast speed. Has been widely used in pharmaceutical and biological preparations, food and beverage, chemical environmental protection, cosmetics, tobacco and other industries.

Introduction to the main performance parameters of the gear pump of the dropping pill machine

● Pump working temperature range: 40℃-50℃.

● Stable control by stepping motor.

● The required precision of the essence pump: 0-40mg/drop adjustable, tolerance requirement ±0.3mg, stable operation time under this precision requirement is not less than 30min; single dripper production capacity: 6-10 drops/sec (360-600 drops/ Minute).

● Glue delivery pump meets: The wet tare weight of a single capsule can be controlled in the range of 10-80mg, the accuracy is ±1mg, and the stability time is not less than 30min under this accuracy.

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