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Precision Micro Gear Pump
MRF Gear Pump & 8 - 67L/min

MRF Micro Gear Pumps can solve the working situation of 8 - 67L/min flow, 0.5-14.5bar pressure difference and 0.4-3000m.Pas viscosity (similar to water). Different motors canl be selected according to the working condition, such as: brushless motor, AC motor, stepper/servo motor, variable frequency motor, explosion-proof motor, etc. We are able to provide you with detailed selection data solutions/CAD drawings/STEP drawings

JONSN precision micro magnetic gear pumps are applicable for: Deionized water, methanol, urea solution, kerosene, additives, lubricating oil, lye, ammonia solution, cobalt solution, dialysate, ethylene glycol, freon, ink, glycerin, phenolic resin, curing agent, essence Fragrance, fluorinated liquid pumping system.

They are applicable to automation and process control systems, micro-transfer systems, circulating booster systems, automatic feeding (dosing) systems, waste heat recovery systems, sampling equipment (including vacuum suction), chip processing equipment, laboratory equipment, cooling systems (refrigerant circulating pump), flavor & fragrance equipment, foundry machinery, packaging machinery, cleaning system, additive adding system, chemical metering system, and small test/pilot plant, etc,  where request small flow, pulsation free, high linearity, high pressure differential, 0 leakage, precision metering and stable flow rate. 

When you choose JONSN pumps, you have already chosen quality. JONSN has been here 13 years We have been recognized by the industry, owners, and design institutes.  We have a micro-gear pump all-factor performance test platform, Welcome to our factory with your application plan for technical exchanges and verification, this is the value of choosing us.

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MRF IEC Motor 2.2-3Kw 90L 100L B34