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Mainly used for ingredients, oil blended, water blended, drug blended and various liquids quantitative control, easy operation, all Chinese display, can control the flow by manual or automatic.

Now many enterprises adopt manual operation of filling/pouring, which is high labor intensity & low work efficiency, we suggest using this system if you want to improve the efficiency but low cost input.

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Drum Pump System Module

■   Delivery module: PT, TB, HT series drum pump or other pumps.
■   Flowrate control module: flow sensor, displayer
■   Execution control module: solenoid valve, liquid level switch, remote switch
■   Alarm module: alarm under specific conditions (sound/light).

Drum Pump Control Process 

Preset quantitative control value through the quantitative control instrument, the quantitative control instrument receive the flow sensor signal, the cumulative values reach the preset quantitative control value, the controller outputs the switch signal, realize automatic stop, valve-off, and then reach the quantitative control effect.

Main Function

■   Preset flowrate stop the pump (quantitative control)
■   Outlet liquid level control pump on/off
■   Remote control pump on/off
■   Inlet liquid level control pump on/off
■   On-site current flowrate/cumulative flowrate display
■   Alarm: sound/light alarm reminder
■   Prevent empty pump from dry-rotating pump off
■   Timing pump on/off

Order Notes

■   The above functions are selected according to actual needs, functions can be combined to use, please define the request when ordering.
■   Influenced by medium character, corrosion, grain, viscosity, temperature, need to choose different types of flowmeter, please confirm actual working condition when ordering.