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JONSN HT series electric high viscosity barrel pump(drum pump) adopts single screw design, with power reduction mechanism, large torque, is a pump designed for medium and high viscosity liquid transportation, can transport glycerin, glue, paint, latex, various resins and polymers, etc.

Matching different motors can convey different viscosity media, and the maximum conveying viscosity can reach 15000cp.

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Model No.Pump PipeShaftSealOther Wetted Parts
HTSS304SS/316L304SS/316LMechanical SealPTEE
HTSS-A (crew Pump)304SS/316L304SS/316LMechanical SealPTEE
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Product Description

JONSN HT series electric high viscosity barrel pump(drum pump) can use 2 motor driving methods which are dynamoelectric & gas-dynamic, pump pipe is connected with motor through IEC standard port, can match IEC standard single or three phase, normal or American-imported explosion-proof motor, also is suitable for Chinese standard Y or YB series B14 flange motor, or match standard connector American-imported air motor. HT series drum pump’s modular design makes disassembly easy when washing & maintaining, can complete without any special tools. You only need to change integrated components when maintaining, can simplify the maintenance as well as ensuring the pump quality.

Motor Parameters

Model No. NamePowerRotating SpeedMotor Type
PM750Sino-foreign Joint Normal Motor750W3000 rpmSingle/Three Phase
PM1500Sino-foreign Joint Normal Motor1500W1500 rpmThree-Phase
PM2200Sino-foreign Joint Normal Motor2200W1500 rpmThree-Phase
BM800VExplosion-proof Motor800W0-10000 rpmSingle/Three Phase
BM1500Explosion-proof Motor1500W1500 rpmThree-Phase
BM2200Explosion-proof Motor2200W1500 rpmThree-Phase
AM1500American-imported Air Motor1500W300-3000 rpm
AM3000American-imported Air Motor3000W300-3000 rpm
AM4000American-imported Air Motor4000W300-2500 rpm

Due to the complicated liquid performance, we suggest checking the material’s corrosion resistance, or consult the sales.
■   American-imported air motor’s actual rotating speed is affected by air pressure, then influence on the final flow & lift.
■   Explosion-proof area need to use American-imported air motor or American-imported explosion-proof motor, and install the static line.
■   The performance will be different when the pump tube matches with different motor, motor selection needs to check the production processing parameters.  


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