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Environmental Water Treatment

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The development status of water treatment technology: According to the specific conditions of water quality, our water treatment technology is constantly improving. The circulating water system treatment industry mainly includes CECEP central air conditioning cooling circulating water treatment, refrigerating circulating water treatment, heating water treatment, central heating circulating water treatment, industrial cooling refrigerating circulating water treatment, etc.

Most applications in the water treatment industry are the continuous, large-scale, and intelligent manufacturing technology of water treatment agents and related fine chemicals. The environmental protection industry includes water treatment industry, oil extraction, daily chemical, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking, electronic cleaning and other fields.

The main transport liquids in the water treatment industry: scale inhibitors, corrosion Micro water pump inhibitors, bactericidal algaecides, chelating agents, dispersants, reverse osmosis agents, builders, etc.micro water pump plays an important role.

With expertise in positive displacement pumps and fluid systems, we support customers in compliance with environmental and industrial standards. Whether it is water purification, stoichiometric cooling system or other demanding applications, we have solutions to meet your requirements.

JONSN precision grade micro gear pump will help your water treatment system application to obtain the best performance of smooth, high pressure and high efficiency. Different application conditions can be matched with different drive units, and the selection of high-precision gears can achieve high pressure and stable delivery.Our micro water pump provide great flexibility and reliable service life.

JONSN precision micro gear products have been widely used in various water treatment systems. Our products have leading advantages in high precision, high pressure, stability, and self-priming in dry operation. 

It has been committed to providing customers with a complete solution that best suits their needs with a high degree of professionalism and customer-friendly service.

JONSN micro gear pump factory has always paid attention to environmental protection and provided sustainable industry selection solutions.