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Medical Dialysis

When the hemodialysis machine is integrated with the fluid transport machinery and the fluid measurement and control part, it is called a hemodialysis system. It integrates precision machinery, electronics, chemistry and chemical engineering, and is a high-tech product. The transport part of blood and dialysate is composed of two pipeline systems and pumps for blood flow and dialysate flow. Therefore, the flow system of hemodialysis is divided into two parts-the extracorporeal circulation system of blood and the dialysate system.

The pumps used as the driving force for the hemodialysis machine and kidney dialysate are: blood pump, heparin pump, concentrate pump, negative pressure pump and proportional pump. The most used in the medical industry are hemodialysis machines and dialysis pump.

Type and structure of dialysis pump

Both the concentrated solution pump and the negative pressure pump are external gear pumps. The size of the pump body is very small, the gear diameter is about 15mm, and the pump body diameter is about 40mm. Because the dialysate is pumped, which is an electrolyte solution, it is corrosive, so stainless steel 316L should be used as the material of the pump. The gear adopts food grade PEEK material, which has corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so as to avoid the influence of fluid delivery due to wear.Dialysis Micro Gear Pump

The maximum flow rate of dialysate does not exceed 500mL/min, that is, 30L/h, and the flow rate is required to be stable. The gear pump requires a maximum design flow of 1.5L/min and a maximum pressure of 6bar.

JONSN micro small flow pump is a high-precision metering pump suitable for sensitive application scenarios such as analysis, diagnosis and medical technology. With our experience, knowledge and professional skills, whether it is hemodialysis, diagnosis, cooling or pure water application, our team is committed to developing pump solutions for medical equipment for partners, bringing hope and opportunities to patients , To get a better quality of life.

Our kidney dialysis pump and cooling pump use the latest technology and materials to provide quality assurance. The combination of sealed magnetic drive and FDA-compliant gears can ensure the safety and sealing of liquids. The pulsationless gear pump technology provides a stable and controllable liquid flow, which can meet the needs of the procedure or the needs of the specific conditions of the patient. Advanced design, strict verification process and advanced manufacturing technology ensure the high reliability, high efficiency, and low noise of the product, and provide a long service life and trouble-free guarantee for our partners and customers.

The disinfecting chemicals used in kidney dialysis equipment are strong and effective, but they are also corrosive. MR series precision micro gear pumps are purchased from materials imported from the United Kingdom and have FDA certification. This material can withstand repeated chemical thermal cleaning cycles and provide stable performance.

Our Dialysis Micro Gear Pump has a variety of control methods, which can be integrated with the dialysis machine control system through RS485 communication control or analog signal control to realize a fully automatic and intelligent dialysis treatment plan. The whole process of dialysis does not require manual intervention.

JONSN kidney dialysis pump performance characteristics

micro small flow pump performance characteristics

The flow range is wide, and the speed can be adjusted according to the needs to meet the requirements of different people for the flow rate and flow of blood and dialysate. The delivery accuracy is <0.5%. This makes them the perfect solution for hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis or medical quantitative technology.