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Lithium Battery Industry

Lithium Battery Industry

The ternary precursor is referred to as NCM or NCA, which plays a role in linking the colored properties of cobalt-nickel salt and lithium battery cathode material, and plays a decisive role in the energy density and cycle life of the ternary cathode material. It belongs to the technology in the cathode production process. The link with the highest content.

From the perspective of the value of the industry chain, power batteries are the core part of the new energy vehicle "three powers", accounting for 50% of the cost, and the ternary cathode material is the highest proportion of the four power battery materials (35 %). The ternary precursor is the key material for the preparation of ternary cathodes, accounting for up to 20% of the value of lithium batteries.

From the perspective of cost structure, the cost of precursor raw materials (cobalt sulfate, Fuel cell pumpnickel sulfate and manganese sulfate) accounted for 85% of the cost, which has strong resource attributes. According to the different proportions of nickel, cobalt, and manganese, ternary materials can be divided into 111, 523, 622 and 811 types, in addition to NCA (lithium nickel cobalt aluminate). Due to the high price of metal cobalt, high nickel (low cobalt) technology has become the focus of future development of ternary lithium batteries.

The ternary precursor is an important part of the lithium battery material in the national new energy strategy, and our fuel cell pump is precise and stable controlling in the synthesis process, which is particularly important. in the synthesis process is particularly important. Accurate and stable continuous metering and transportation can improve the quality and consistency of R&D and production precursors, and ensure that the chemical reaction environment in the reactor is carried out in a continuous and stable state. Mainly used for salt solution preparation, mixed salt preparation, alkali salt preparation, ammonia salt preparation, precise addition of deionized water, etc.