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Dosing and process pump

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At present, many domestic universities have precision measurement laboratories, which mainly undertake the experimental teaching of "Energy Materials and Device Experiments", "Advanced Measurement Technology", "Machinery Manufacturing and Control" and other courses, mainly including vertical mechanical comparators and vertical Optical comparator, marble measuring platform, light section microscope, gear runout detector, surface roughness meter and various types of calipers and other experimental equipment; mainly for mechanical, materials, refrigeration, pharmaceutical and other students to open the following experimental projects : Material performance analysis, material pressure test, geometric error measurement, roughness measurement, gear error measurement experiment, etc.

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Precise measurement in the laboratory, in order to achieve more precise precision delivery, no pulsation delivery, and precise control of the ingredients and formulation experiments of the experimental instrument, there is a high requirement for the stability of the pump.

JONSN gear pump supplier have a wide range of pump solutions that precision gear metering pump can support various types of scientific and laboratory applications.

Whether it is an important part of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pump system or a single laboratory equipment used in clinical analysis, chemistry, heating, cooling and other fields, we have the knowledge and professional skills to solve innovatively Solutions support our customers.

It has been committed to providing accurate flow to meet the needs of experimental detection and data analysis, to achieve accurate and stable transportation without pulsation, and the flow error is within 0.2%.

General requirements for laboratory equipment: simple operation, high precision, small installation size, single-phase 220V/24V voltage.

The magnetic gear pump series provides impressive turndown ratio and high-pressure capability. It provides non-standard customized various test and detection control boxes, including stepper motor control boxes, servo motor control boxes, flow closed-loop detection systems and all touch screen operations etc., they are simple & convenient and widely used in various university laboratories.