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Refrigeration Industry(Cooling pump & Freon Pump)

Product Applications

The current refrigeration and air conditioning industry has become an effective force of China's equipment manufacturing industry and an important part of the national economy. Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is widely used in aviation, military science and technology, biomedicine, machinery.
electronics, metallurgy, petrochemical, energy and power, nuclear applications and other national defense and industrial fields.and cooling pump is the most important component in refrigeration and air conditioning equipments.

When the air conditioner is in refrigeration operation, the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas is inhaled by the compressor and pressurized to become high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas. The high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas is released in the outdoor heat exchanger through the condenser (generally air-conditioning is air-cooled,i.e. the cooling copper pipe of the outdoor unit) and becomes the medium temperature and high pressure liquid (the heat is taken away through the outdoor circulating air), The medium temperature and high pressure liquid will be changed into low temperature and low pressure liquid after capillary expansion and pressure reduction. The liquid refrigerant with low temperature and low pressure will be cooled and evaporated by evaporator (copper pipe of indoor machine) and then becomes low-temperature and low pressure gas (indoor air is cooled and cooled by the surface of heat exchanger to reduce indoor temperature), and the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas is inhaled by compressor and then cycle.

In general, the refrigerant of air conditioning is a cycle process of compression condensation expansion evaporation in the air conditioning system. Common refrigerant working medium: Freon R12,R22,R134a, glycol.liquid ammonia, etc.

Working condition characteristics of cooling pump

Working condition characteristics of cooling gear pump

Features of MR Series Freon  Pump

Corrosion resistance:
The flow parts of the pump body are precision machined with 316L, which is corrosion resistant.

High pressure resistance: Freon gear PumpThe system pressure in the refrigeration industry is usually 1-2.2Mpa, which requires relatively high gears. The gear shaft of the MR series Freon pump adopts the P+C combination, that is, ceramic shaft + imported PEEK gear hobbing + gear grinding + post-treatment strengthening treatment. Other processes improve the wear resistance of gears and can effectively handle gas-liquid mixed media.

No pulsation:
Precise control of the installation clearance in the pump, strong self-priming ability and stable conveying.

Motor selection:
Freon gear Pump provider from china can choose according to the working conditions and installation conditions. Conventional motors: AC 380V ordinary frequency conversion, AC 380V explosion-proof frequency conversion, single-phase / three-phase AC, DC brushless, etc., because the freon working fluid is easy to gasify, so the correct motor speed control is very important, usually we recommend customers to use adjustable speed motors.