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Mechanical Seal Flushing

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Use precision micro gear pumps to flush mechanical seals on industrial pumps to extend the service life of the seals.

MRE series pumps are generally used for seal flushing applications. Adopting a magnetic drive non-leakage structure design, it can operate at a higher temperature and a larger flow range, and can also provide a stable flow when the pump is worn. This series of pumps provides the flow control and stability required for these applications , can realize the requirement of pulse-free conveying.

The main function of flushing is to pump fluid from the outlet Micro Gear Pumpor external source into the seal for cleaning and cooling.

Mechanical seal flushing on large industrial pumps can be used to extend the life of the seal by cleaning and/or cooling the seal. There are many methods for performing seal flushing, but all methods either recirculate fluid from various other points on the industrial pump (usually output) or use an external source for flushing flow.

In either case, pressure and/or flow control may need to be increased, and small micropumps are often used for this purpose. Micro gear pumps are ideal for this application because they provide a controllable, smooth flow rate and are made of materials that provide the chemical properties and temperature range required for most applications.