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Hydrogen Fuel Battery Industry

Hydrogen Production

JONSN cooperates with a hydrogen production equipment Co., Ltd. in Tianjin to provide pump solutions for box-type hydrogen production equipment. Hydrogen production by water electrolysis is a technology that decomposes water under the action of direct current to produce hydrogen and oxygen. JONSN's gear pump is used for water supply and pressure control in the equipment.

JONSN MR series gear pumps are priority choice for customers because the MR series ensures stable flow delivery even under system pressure fluctuations. MR series gear pumps can provide the water pressure required by the equipment, and have strong adaptability to different water quality and working conditions. The structure is simple and reliable, easy to maintain and operate, so as to meet the needs of electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment.

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Methanol to Hydrogen

JONSN cooperates with a Hebei Energy Equipment Integration Co., Ltd. to provide customer with methanol hydrogen production equipment pump solutions. Hydrogen is generated through the reaction of methanol and water vapor, and the generated gas is separated and purified to obtain high-purity hydrogen. The customer uses JONSN-MR series micro gear pumps in the equipment for the supply and circulation of methanol.

The customer requests working condition of high pressure, low viscosity, small volume, and stable delivery for a long time. It is very suitable to use JONSN-MR series precision micro gear pumps. JONSN-MR series micro gear pumps are small in size and suitable for installation and use in limited spaces, which makes the overall equipment more compact and can provide higher flow & pressure with efficient delivery capacity, provide stable and continuous methanol delivery, improve the working efficiency of methanol hydrogen production equipment, adapt to the demand of methanol in the system, and ensure the stable supply and circulation of methanol.

燃料电池Methanol Fuel Battery Power Station

JONSN cooperates with a fuel cell company in Guangzhou to assist methanol fuel in hydrogen production. The methanol fuel battery power station produces hydrogen through the electrochemical reaction of methanol and oxygen, and then reacts the hydrogen with oxygen inside the fuel cell stack to generate current and electricity. In a methanol fuel cell power station, JONSN's gear pumps are used for the supply and circulation of methanol.

The customer's methanol fuel power station is mainly used for outdoor base station power generation, and has very high requirements on the pump's delivery capacity and quality reliability. Previously, it used a micro gear pump of a certain brand in the United States. Due to the high price and long delivery time, after comparing and screening the pump brands, JONSN micro gear pumps were finally selected because the JONSN-MR series precision micro gear pumps can stably transport methanol to the fuel battery stack with compact size, simple structure, easy maintainence and operation. It is able to provide stable working performance, reliable quality under different load conditions, and can ensure the normal operation of the fuel battery power station. The customer's use of the JONSN-MR series micro gear pump has far exceeded expectations, with fast delivery and high cost performance, and successfully replaced the previous micro gear pump of a certain American brand.