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Features and applications of micro small flow pump


Micro small flow pump is a new type of internal meshing rotary displacement pump. When its main parts rotor in the double-headed spiral cavity stator cavity around the stator axis for planetary rotation, the rotor and stator between the formation of a closed cavity will be continuous, uniform, volume constant medium from the suction end to the output end. micro small flow pump is a special structure designed for small fluid transfer systems and pumps. It is suitable for micro flow fluid systems, such as experiments, metering and dosing. It has the advantages of high efficiency, strong self-priming ability and wide range of application, which can be used to transport various difficult media. It is widely used in dosing and dispensing machines, with small axial size, low influence by temperature, low torque, strong self-priming ability, stable flow, low energy consumption, and usually used as a dosing pump. Therefore, it is often called dosing screw pump, metering screw pump and laboratory screw pump.

micro small flow pump

The main parameters of micro small flow pump are "flow" and "pressure", which are related to the motor: 1.

1. high flow requirements, pressure requirements are not high, the requirements of micro motor noise, long life, high self-priming suction.

2. flow requirements are not high, the pressure requirements, you can use gear reducer, generally used for spray products.

3. like pumping and spraying water pump motors need to require small size and low noise.

Micro small flow pump has the following characteristics.

1, micro small flow pump designed for small flow liquid conveying, can convey good fluidity of the material, but also can convey high viscosity materials.

2, axial size is small, 1/3-1/2 shorter than the general structure of the pump, the pump tends to miniaturization.

3, no pulsation, small flow, precision metering and conveying, metering accuracy ± 0.5%, suitable for small flow of accurate measurement.

4, high concentration, high viscosity, high solids with particles abrasive slurry, shear sensitive media.

5, low energy consumption, suitable for making micro-pump, even 40W motor can work normally.

6, flow and speed proportional, simple structure, low maintenance costs, easy to install and move, can be frequency control, can be equipped with servo motor drive.

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Product use: micro small flow pump is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, quantitative dosing of sewage treatment system, electronics, batteries, energy, cosmetics and other industries. In addition, it is also especially used in highly automated professional metering and coating systems. Such as: lithium battery coating, automotive seal coating, laboratory slurry, pharmaceutical mixing and proportioning, pharmaceutical and other slurry metering and dispensing, solar panel coating conductive paint, electronic industry coating.