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Precautions for use of barrel pump


The barrel pump is a kind of barreling liquid transportation tool, which is used to pump all kinds of non-corrosive clean liquid from the barrel to other containers.


Barrel pump usage and installation considerations:


1. Please try not to run the barrel pump dry, when the liquid in the barrel is finished, please stop the pump as soon as possible.


2. The motor and barrel pump connection should be installed in place, otherwise it will cause the coupling damage. After the motor is installed, tighten the two handle tightening screws, this usually reduces repeated installation, and disassembly, and can extend the life of the coupling, coupling elastic block, pump head, bearing, pump outlet, and motor handle by 180 degrees, so that the pump outlet away from the power line.


3. For the PT series, the use attention to check whether the pump tube is tight in the pump head, if the pump tube is loose, will make the pump tube down, leading to impellers stuck, so that the pump can not run.


4. If the barrel pump has no flow or flow instability, should immediately stop the pump, to see if the pump shaft can be flexible rotation. If the pump is stuck in the case, continue to open the electric motor, the electric motor will cause damage due to overload.


barrel pump

5. When using PT and TB series speed control motors, the greater the viscosity of the medium, the lower the speed, for the viscosity of the medium, the motor speed is too fast, easy to lead to heat, damage, please refer to the viscosity range and read the random operation manual, when the motor is running, stop halfway, switch failure, please do not worry, this time the motor is not damaged, but because of long working hours, the motor temperature is too high, the motor protection switch cut off the power, to stop 5-10 minutes after cooling, can resume work, recommended every 20 minutes rest for 5 minutes to work.


6. If there are often large particles or fibrous impurities in the liquid, install a filter at the bottom entrance of the barrel pump.


Seven. Before conveying a variety of corrosive liquids, make sure that the liquid will not cause corrosion to the pump pipe. It is strictly prohibited to use plastic pump pipes (PP and PTFE) and the ordinary electric motor on explosion-proof occasions.


8. When using a barrel pump in an explosion-proof environment, make sure to use stainless steel pump pipe with a pneumatic motor imported from the USA or an explosion-proof motor imported from the USA, to ground the pump pipe to prevent static electricity and spark.


9. Please keep the motor in a vertical position at all times, do not invert the pump tube and the motor, to prevent the flow of liquid back into the motor, corrosion, and damage to the motor.


These are the barrel pump use and installation considerations, I hope to give you help.