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A meaningful meeting between GTS and JONSN


On Mar.17, 2023, GTS CO. LTD representatives, the CEO Mr. Im Hong Bin, COO Mr. Kang Chang Suk, GM Mr. Jung Chual Gyo pay a visit to Jonsn (Ganzhou) Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Yan Jifeng, general manager of Jonsn, Mr. Li Jun, sales manager and  Elfreda colleague in charge of international sales department attend the meeting and reception.


The visitor GTS CO., LTD is a Korea company that acts as agent of high end industrial pumps with 30 years of sales and service experience. In this February, Mr. Jung, the general manager of GTS contacted Jonsn to seek cooperation opportunity.  After many exchanges, Mr.  Im Hong Bin, the CEO of GTS, decided to visit our company from South Korea for on-the-spot investigation to learn about our precision gear pumps, drum pumps, Brontz gear pump and negotiate agency matters for Korea market.

Based on the accumulated customer resources and market resources in related industries, GTS is eager to further develop the local market through the integration with Jonsn products.


When they came to JONSN Ganzhou company, the two sides first had an exchange meeting. Mr. Yan made a detailed introduction to the customers on the company's development, positioning, philosophy, and business projects.

Next, Ms. Elfreda, the person in charge of International sales made an detailed expression for JONSN main products: precision gear pump and drum pump including product characteristics, application, and field customer may involved in.

Korea is a strong country in high-end ship building industry.They are particularly interested in the application of our precision gear pumps in the SCR urea exhaust gas treatment system for marine diesel engines. Besides, Ms Elfreda introduced the application of precision gear pumps in the chemical industry, new materials, and lithium industries in detail, so that customers have a new understanding and further knowledge of our products.

In particular, a comprehensive explanation has been made on the after-sales service of accessories that customers care about. According to the specific products that the customer is concerned about, Ms. Elfreda had a detailed discussion with the customer.

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Afterwards, accompanied by the company's representatives, the GTS representatives visited the gear pump production, assembly and testing workshops, got a better understanding of our product testing process, customized product production, and motor selection, etc.

They also visited our gear detector, three-coordinate detector, four-axis machining center, CNC lathe, CNC grinder, gear hobbling machine, machining center and other workshops.

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Generally speaking, this is a successful exchange. GTS representatives are very satisfied with the quality and processing technology of JONSN precision gear pumps, fully affirmed JONSN's professionalism, and expressed their expectation for future cooperation.

JONSN also warmly welcomed the visit of GTS company, and hoped that more international and domestic companies would come to JONSN for exchange,  seek more opportunities for cooperation.

Current cooperating partners include: CATL, HENGTONG OPTIC-ELECTRIC, Katop Automation, Shanghai Huayi Acrylic Acid Co, SRICI, Hisense, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Tofflon and many other famous enterprises. Jonsn has devoted to precision gear pumps for dozens years through importing and absorbing advance technology and independent innovating, Jonsn products and service has covered the whole China and export to many countries in short time. It is highly praised by foreign customers in international exhibitions. These achievements are attributable to the country's support for R&D and innovative enterprises and the company's high emphasis on technological innovation.


JONSN's philosophy is "to create value for our partners, to be a reliable provider of high-quality industrial pumps." In the future, we will increase investment in brand building and research & development. We believe that as long as a company has high-quality products and brand awareness ,we will definitely go further and become your high-quality partner.