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Founded in 2010, JONSN is a science and technology enterprise focus on precision gear pump R&D, production, sales in one. Over the years, JONSN has continued to develop and manufacture gear pumps. Further optimize the product structure, enrich the product line, and constantly enhance our core competitiveness, after years of practice accumulation, JONSN precision micro magnetic gear pump products sell well in China, exported to overseas, widely used in medical, biochemical instruments, fuel cells, kidney dialysis, inkjet printing, experimental analyzer and other industries.


The first batch of MPG/MR Series precision gear pumps sent to Swiss customers successfully passed the laboratory data test for 1 year, and recently, the second batch of precision gear pumps ordered by Swiss customers has also been delivered to Switzerland.




The customer contacted us and told that they needed a high-precision micro-flow pump, a gear pump used to pump algin solution. After many times of parameter and demand communication, JONSN technical department finally selected the configuration of MRA20SZKLF pump head with Delta servo motor. After drawing confirmation and factory testing, the customer decided to purchase a pump sample for testing on site.


After receiving the pump, customer tested the performance of the pump with their own Siemens servo motor and we were told that the test results were very satisfactory. At the same time, it is also suggested that the starting speed can be reduced by adopting the gearbox. At the time of the launch of Jonsn MPG series of new micro-flow gear pumps, Jonsn Technology Department boldly proposed to replace MRA with the new MPG series to achieve the customer's micro-flow of 2 ml/min.


After repeated and prolonged testing and verification by the Jonsn R&D team, coupled with the confidence of the customer after testing Jonsn gear pump, the customer is also very interested in our new MPG series gear pump. Then it was decided to purchase a new model and match it with their designated Siemens motor. The customer understands the gear pump very well and very professionally, the whole communication process is smooth.

Under normal circumstances, the minimum displacement of China conventional magnetic gear pump is generally about 0.2ml/r, when the flow rate is less than 10ml/min, the flow control is unstable, which needs to be controlled by the back pressure at the back end of the pump, which cause the flow fluctuates greatly and cut off easily. Jonsn MPG series gear pumps have a displacement of 40-80μl/r, a wide range of adjustable speed, high resolution, stable control and flow fine-tuning at a flow rate as low as 1ml/min without back pressure.

MPG series is compact size, with a shielded BLDC motor, the overall size of 65*69*69mm. The working pressure difference is up to 2-5 bar, and the pressure difference of conveying viscous materials can reach higher. And the adopting of special pump chamber design, using of PEEK gear + ceramic shaft material makes flow output stability is high, long service life, it still has self-priming ability in the state of small flow.

Being recognized by customers in Switzerland strongly proves the reliability of JONSN precision miniature gear pumps.

Since its esteblish, JONSN has been based on high-end manufacturing, and regarded "Focus on every precision gear pump attentively" as our business philosophy, we committed to pumps research and development, injected continuous and abundant source power for the company's fluid equipment products and fluid delivery technology solutions. JONSN has passed ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification of TUV Rheinland in Germany, BV of France, ABS of the United States, NK of Japan and other classification societies, and has obtained a number of patented technologies. To build the market competitiveness of pumps products, JONSN has established a professional and reliable user reputation for itself. With our rich experience accumulated over the years in the field of gear pumps, by innovating technologic, using of new processes and new materials, optimizing the structure of the pump, improving the quality and technical level of the gear pump, creatibing major breakthroughs in a number of precision gear pump key technology fields , JONSN gear pump has become a number of high-end manufacturing industry online transmission key control equipment. More and more customers are looking to JONSN as their most trusted partner, and JONSN pump products are rapidly moving towards the high-end market.