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Strategize to win decisive victory JONSN serves the development of China State Shipbuilding Corporation


Since 2016, Jonsn has been deeply involved in marine SCR urea system pumps, with cumulative shipments of more than 10,000 units, serving various large and medium-sized ocean-going ships around the world. In order to improve the maintenance awareness of SCR urea system precision micro magnetic gear pumps and ensure the safe and stable operation of SCR  urea gear pump and extends the service life of the gear pump. At the invitation of CSSC, JONSN technical colleagues drove more than a thousand kilometers from the Ganzhou factory to the customer's operation site to conduct on-site process exchanges with CSSC colleagues, and conducted gear pump disassembly demonstrations, guidance on installation, and gear pump maintenance training for relevant personnel.


JONSN technicians mainly provide training instructions on the structural characteristics of precision micro magnetic gear pumps, common faults and troubleshooting methods during operation, and the essentials and methods of gear pump operation precautions.


After listening to the explanation, attentive customers also raised many questions, such as flow pressure characteristics, pump body pressure resistance, and issues related to the structural characteristics of JONSN precision micro magnetic gear pumps and the advantages of traditional micro gear pumps. To this end, JONSN technicians conducted an on-site disassembly and explanation of the actual precision micro gear pump, focusing on the differences between the core components of the JONSN precision micro magnetic gear pump and traditional micro gear pumps. Answer questions about pump production, precision assembly, testing, etc. The on-site communication achieved unanimous praise from customers, which gave them a deeper understanding of the operation and maintenance of JONSN precision gear pumps, and further improved their awareness of the operation and maintenance of gear pumps.

JONSN has cooperated with CSSC for many years and is also the preferred brand of the marine SCR urea system gear pumps. The working principle of the SCR urea system gear pump is to spray urea solution (also known as urea hydrolyzate or urea SCR solution) into the exhaust system, chemically react with the NOx in the exhaust, and convert it into harmless nitrogen. and water vapor. JONSN precision micro gear pump adopts magnetic drive leak-free design with high pressure resistance. It is characterized by simple and compact structure, small size, light weight, good craftsmanship, strong self-priming ability, insensitivity to oil contamination, large speed range, ability to withstand impact loads, easy maintenance, and stable & reliable operation. JONSN precision micro gear pump is suitable for automation and process control systems, micro-transportation systems, circulation boosting systems, automatic feeding (dosing) systems, waste heat recovery systems, sampling equipment (including vacuum suction), chip processing equipment, laboratories equipment, cooling systems (refrigerant circulation pumps), casting machinery, packaging machinery, cleaning systems, additive filling systems, chemical metering systems, small-scale/pilot-scale equipment, etc. Whcih require small flow, pulse-free, high linearity, high pressure difference, leakage-free, precise measurement, stable flow transfer pump occasions.

JONSN has accumulated a large number of customers in the marine pump industry over the years and has received unanimous praise from customers. Besides, JONSN has passed the ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification of Germany's TUV Rheinland, the quality certification of China's CCS, France's BV, the United States' ABS, Japan's NK and other classification societies, has also obtained a number of patented technologies. To build the market competitiveness of pump products, JONSN has established a professional and reliable user reputation for itself. Relying on our rich experience accumulated in the field of gear pumps over the years, through technological innovation, using new processes and new materials, we have optimized the internal structure of the pump, improved the quality and technical level of the gear pump, and achieved critical success in many precision-grade gear pumps. A major breakthrough in the field of technology, JONSN gear pumps have become key control equipment for online transportation in many high-end manufacturing industries. More and more customers choose JONSN and trust JONSN!


In the future, JONSN will continue to optimizing service upgrades, focusing on service system, service resources, service response and improving partners' value-added service experience, etc., to further enhance partner satisfaction. To truly satisfy users, build a good communication platform for win-win cooperation between both parties, and lay a solid foundation for subsequent in-depth development.