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JONSN micro gear pumps provide you with an accurate flow rate and stable pressure conveying solution


The recent hot broadcast "Great Power Heavy Instrument Documentary" shocked the picture, surging powerful power weapon, in the society triggered a new round of Chinese industrial heat, among which the birth of super core notes that 6 microns thin as cicada wing of the polar coating technology, let the company feel more excited!


Jonsn micro gear pump is very proud as the supplier of core parts for accurate transmission of electrode active materials. As you know, the electrode coating process is of micrometer thickness, many times smaller than hair silk, which brings great challenges to the pump:

1. The flow requirements for real-time transportation are very accurate,

2. It is required that the pump shall not be allowed to produce pressure fluctuation during delivery when the outlet pressure is stable,

3. In the case of low medium lubrication coefficient, it is required that the wear resistance of gear is 2-3 times higher than that of conventional gear. This seems to be a very simple thing, but in reality, it is quite contradictory.


So how does Shanghai JONSN fluid equipment Co., Ltd. do it? How do they gain trust from their customers and become long-term partners? Let's go into Shanghai JONSN fluid equipment Co., Ltd

A stable "heart"

Before we came to the exhibition stand of Shanghai JONSN fluid equipment Co., Ltd., manager Yan of the technology department picked up a pump and said:

This is the micro gear pump I want to explain to you. For the first time, everyone in the field saw such a small gear pump and gave a surprise: Wow! Such a small pump, than our palm is smaller, so exquisite workmanship, I leisurely produce a kind of mysterious curiosity.

What does such a small pump do? Why is such a small pump the core pump component of many high-end manufacturing equipment? How does this small pump come out? Ask JONSN technical manager with these curious questions,

Manager Yan told us with a smile: the smaller the pump is, the more difficult it is to make, just like the production of a precision mechanical watch, the accuracy and installation clearance of the internal gear are also controlled at the micron level. Any small defect may cause the gear to jam or the pump's comprehensive performance and flow pressure can not be satisfied. As you know, the pump is like the "heart" of human body, The quality of the pump is related to the efficiency and stability of industrial production. The sudden stop of the pump stops the whole production line material transportation, which will bring huge losses to the enterprise, but many small enterprises do not care much about this when selecting the pump in the early stage,

So our micro gear pump works the same. But the material delivery is only one of our micro gear pumps. Our micro precision gear pump is the most important role in small flow, low viscosity and high pressure, and can realize uniform transportation and constant flow non pulsation and high precision transportation. Based on the above functions, Our R & D engineers have been researching micro gear pump for many years, through visiting customers, discussing and researching with foreign gear suppliers, carrying out a lot of experimental verification and technical innovation, and adopting "p+c gear shaft combination", i.e. peek gear + nano ceramic spindle), greatly improving the service life of the pump, and the service life of the pump is longer than other similar products, It is a real durable pump, which is specially designed for chemical application.

Generally, the same products on the market mostly use stainless steel spindle, which is not wear-resistant and has a life of 6-8 months. In the past, people have not high pursuit of the quality of products produced. They can produce any pump, as long as the products pass. Nowadays, people's living standards have been improved. The requirements for the products produced are higher and higher. The quality of each batch of products produced by processing enterprises is the same. This requires our pumps to provide real-time stable and accurate flow rate, especially suitable for military equipment, nuclear industry, coating equipment, chemical precision adding system, special composite materials, pharmaceutical machinery and other industries.

In the past, these industries used traditional small centrifugal pumps and diaphragm metering pumps, which not only have larger volume than ours, but also have low working efficiency, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost; Our pumps are not only small and low energy consumption, but also save equipment space, which can be used instead of them. Many traditional large enterprises have been using our high efficiency and low energy consumption gear pumps.

Hearing that such a small pump has so many functions, let us start to look at such a small pump. These industries are not the significance of China's proposed upgrading of high-end equipment made in China 2025!


Craftsmanship and craftsmanship

So how is this small micro precision gear pump made? Strict manager of JONSN Technology Department said: the company has a perfect and strict quality management system, and adopts advanced tracking and tracing system to manage the number and classification of each batch of processed parts. The parts are manufactured precisely by the top-level processing center in the world, and the assembly workshop adopts the constant temperature dust-free workshop and automatic assembly line.

Each pump must undergo strict tests before going out. Each pump has its own ID number. When selling personnel to communicate with customers, the salesperson can conduct pre sales assessment through professional selection software developed by the company, so as to ensure the risk of pump before putting into production. Yan also introduced: Shanghai qiongsen fluid equipment Co., Ltd. is a company with the world-famous imported pump as the technical background. Although it is not a long-standing company, it has developed rapidly in a few years since its establishment in 2010, and the products and services have been rapidly covering the country in a short time, and has been praised by foreign customers in international exhibitions.


At present, there are: new energy, Hengtong optical guide, xinjiatuo, Huayi acrylic acid, Shanghai Chemical Research Institute, Hisense air conditioning, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, General Electric R & D center, dongfulong and other well-known domestic enterprises. These achievements are benefited from the support of the state on R & D innovation enterprises and the high attention paid by the company to technological innovation, The innovation mode adopted by Jonson is "1 + 1 + 1" mode, namely, the original import of core materials + import of key parts + the domestic assembly mode. This mode not only reduces the purchase cost of customers, but also provides stable and high-quality products and faster services.

"We constantly overcome technical problems and challenge our limits, and the joy gained from them is doubled, and all the steps must be meticulous, which is the real difficulty." The technical manager also said the hardships.


We also understand that jonsn company is "to be a reliable supplier of high-quality industrial pump based on customer satisfaction". In the future, they will increase the investment in brand construction and R & D. I believe that if a company has high-quality product and brand awareness, it will surely go a long-term way and become a high-quality partner of all.