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How to choose a micro small flow pump


Micro small flow pump categories are self-priming pump, magnetic pump, vertical pump, how to choose the type of micro small flow pump, how to choose among so many types of working conditions has become a problem, today to tell you about small-flow pump how to choose a model.

1. Make the form and performance of micro small flow pump meet the requirement of flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation allowance, suction etc.

2. The requirements to meet the characteristics of the conveying medium are:

a. For the delivery of flammable, explosive toxic or valuable medium pump, require reliable shaft seal or no leakage pump, such as magnetic drive pump, no shaft seal, should be used isolated magnetic indirect drive.

b. For micro small flow pump with corrosive medium, it is necessary to use corrosion resistant material for convection parts.

c. For micro small flow pump with solid particle medium, it is required to use wear-resistant material for convection parts and clean liquid for seal when necessary.

3. High reliability, low noise and little vibration are required in mechanical aspect.

4. Properly calculate the input cost of micro small flow pump purchases.