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The advantages of the dialysis machine gear pump


The gear pump is a hydraulic pump, it is generally made of a fixed pump, according to a different structure, the gear pump is divided into external gear pump and internal gear pump, and the external gear pump is the most widely used.


The concentrated solution pump and negative pressure pump are external gear pumps. The pump body size is very small, gear diameter of about 15 mm, and a pump body diameter of about 40 mm. As the pump dialysate is an electrolyte solution, with corrosion, the pump material should be used stainless steel 316L. The gear uses food-grade PEEK material, has corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, and avoids because abrasion influences fluid transportation.


dialysis machine gear pump

JONSN's dialysis machine gear pump is a high-precision metering pump for sensitive applications such as analysis, diagnosis, and medical technology. With our experience, knowledge, and expertise in hemodialysis, diagnostics, cooling, and pure water applications, our team is committed to developing medical device pump solutions for our partners, and bringing Hope and opportunity to patients to achieve a better quality of life.


Our dialysis machine gear pump uses the latest technology and materials to provide quality assurance. The combination of a sealed magnetic drive and FDA-compliant gears ensures the safety and tightness of liquids. Non-pulsatile gear pump technology provides stable and controllable fluid flow and can meet the needs of surgery or patient-specific needs. Advanced Design, strict verification process, and advanced manufacturing process ensure high reliability, high efficiency, and low noise, for our partners and customers to provide long life and fault-free guarantee.


Our dialysis machine gear pump has a variety of control methods, through the RS485 communication control or analog signal control and dialysis machine control system integration, to achieve an automatic, intelligent dialysis treatment program. The whole dialysis process does not require manual intervention.


These are the applications and advantages of the dialysis machine gear pump. If you need the pump, please feel free to contact us.